Monday, April 17, 2006

You Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted to Lost

Thanks to Netflix, Mrs. Soren and I were able to watch all the seasons of Alias (over several months) -- getting hooked on the show immediately. Although we noticed that the show was starting to "jump the shark" during season four (when J.J. Abhrams was giving more attention to his new show Lost). This year (season five), Alias has taken a long hiatus, although it's coming back on Wednesday night to finish out the season, and then say "good-bye."

So then we got hooked on 24. We watched all of the seasons, catching up to the present (it's on tonight). But last night, we started watching Lost (several of our friends have raved about it). Saw the first four episodes and now we can't wait for the next DVD to arrive from Netflix.

Any other Lost fans out there?


Holy Honky said...

My friend, you've opened Pandora’s box. Each week you will get sucked further and further into this addiction called, "Lost". There's no hope for you now, there's no turning back.


Chris said...

There are support groups for Lost addicts popping up everywhere.

"Hello, I am Chris McCarthy and I am lost in Lost."

lola said...

hey... im addicted to lost too...
here in my country lost begins in january but i had to watch it at the same time as US people... just can't wait that long, besides with all todays technology how can i wait if its a matter of two clicks and im watching lost ;)... my english is not that good but i understand everything when im watchin' lost... is the only thing that matters hehehe (that really sound like a fan)...

regards from the end of the world!
be back soon ;)