Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mr. T and Jesus

Last night I was channel surfing (which doesn't take long since after our household "cable-ectomy", we only have five channels) and I stumbled upon the religious station. I heard a familiar voice. Sure enough it was Mr. T (yeah, the "I pity the fool" guy). He was really fired up. He was ranting/preaching/talking on Clifton Davis' (from the old sitcom "Amen") show. He went off on a tangent about the DaVinci Code and how Christians have made Dan Brown a multi-millionaire. And he sounded like a total moron. "DaVinci didn't die for you (fool)! What's Mona Lisa got to do with anything?" It was a hoot!

Davis looked really uncomfortable when Mr. T started going off (which is really saying something because he has nutburgers on his show all the time). I was just waiting for Mr. T to say, "I pity the fool who won't give his life to Jesus."After a while, Mrs. Soren came in and said, "WHAT are you watching?" Now that's some quality entertainment!


Holy Honky said...

Is it just me or does Mr. T's mohawk look more and more like a Don King hairdo?

Frank Weller said...

I would love to see Mr. T and two other famous christian celebrity nut jobs - Gary Busey and Dion Sanders - go at it on TBN together. That would be good TV!

loudpunkguitar said...

The fool says in his heart 'There is no God!'

Mr. T says 'I pity the fool!'