Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's In a Name?

Several months ago my friend David Willis was ranting about stupid church names and how, in a desire to sound cool and relevant, they are embarrassing themselves. And that they are all using the same names (Adventure, Crosspoint, New Community, etc.). Ugh. You can always tell the non-conformists – they all look alike.

I just read in the Christian Standard that a church here in Indiana has changed her name from ____________ Christian Church to Connection Pointe Christian Church of ___________. Hoo Boy, I'm sure that the lost are going to come stampeding into that place now, especially since they added the letter "e" to "Point" (how very postmodern).

Another church (a new church plant) is calling itself Common Ground Christian Community. Yippee!

I’m not one who believes that there is only one correct name for a community of believers (I can hear the voice of a local preacher brother shouting, “Church of Christ – that’s right!”), but I do get a little honked off when new churches call themselves something other than Church of Christ or Christian Church for the express purpose of distancing themselves from “us.” I have actually had church planters tell me this. It’s funny that they don’t want anything to do with us until it comes time to get someone to fund their new venture.

But for dumb names, it's still hard to beat the New Paradigm Christian Church.


David H. Willis said...

They're just trying way too hard. I love everyone using "point" or "pointe" just so they can use Andy Stanley's stuff. How many of our guys opted for "community" because of Rick & Bill?

preacherman said...

Great post.
How true.
Are we trying to gain people to our churches by the names we call ourselves? Is that what is going to draw people? I think it is Christian living that is going to draw people to our churches.
Oh, and for stupid church names I actually saw, I kid you not, a church with the name First Condemnation Church.

Frank Weller said...

How about "Life Changing Realities Church" in Edgerton, Ohio. Can't get a much dumber name than that.