Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back to the Future

When I arrived at the Indiana Christian Men's Fellowship meeting last night, I noticed a flyer lying on the pews. I picked it up and read an article which contained (among other things) the following statements:

“Our brotherhood had a glorious inception. Our fathers saw the reality of the sin of denominationalism and condemned it. They saw with equal clarity the possibility and beauty of the New Testament Church. They understood the difference between the two, and their preaching and writing were designed to teach the whole world the difference -- to teach it in such a way that God's people would repudiate the former and champion the latter.”

“Today some men who do not believe in the ideal of the New Testament Church are both openly and clandestinely attempting to denominationalize the movement.”

“The terrible fact that cannot be laughed into extinction is that for some reason certain preachers no longer believe the plea and therefore ignore it or speak derisively of it.”

“The Restoration Movement is in peril! Many of our preachers are in sympathy with the world’s worst monstrosity, Denominationalism…”

“Instead of preaching the gospel, some preachers are exposing their egotism by blatantly offering their personal panaceas for every ill of the world; instead of the advocacy of the New Testament Church with its pristine beauty and power, some among us openly state that we are just another denomination, floundering with the other denominations for relative truth.”

Good stuff, eh? But here’s the kicker. The document was written in 1943! Talk about a Back-to-the-Future moment. It could have been written today (except for the fact that few are willing to write in such a forthright manner and even fewer are willing to publish such articles).

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Keith Wood said...

I saw that too and I went and left my copy at the church. Powerful stuff. If you can send me a copy of yours I would like to have it. Hope the revival goes well! Oh, yeah the little golden book things are a hoot!