Saturday, May 31, 2008

Post-Race Report

The trip to South Bend was great. We toured the College Football Hall of Fame. That was fun. The race was excellent. It was very well organized, with lots of friendly volunteers. The race course was beautiful. It was a little hot & muggy, and I got really tired at about the 11 mile mark, but we really enjoyed it.

The best part was the finish. Less than a mile from the end, we turned a corner and we were looking at the Golden Dome shining in the the sun. We made our way over to Notre Dame Stadium and as we approached the tunnel the ND Fight Song was blaring on some speakers. We raced through the same tunnel that the football players run through. We charged onto the field and ran to the 50-yard line for the finish. It was very cool.


Al Sturgeon said...

How awesome. I would've loved it, but for a Notre Dame fan like yourself, it must have been an amazing feeling!

David H. Willis said...

Congrats. There's no way I could run that far!