Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another One of My Preaching Heroes

A couple of months ago I posted about listening to Ed Bousman preach. Tonight I got to hear another one of my preaching heroes, Ray Bennett. I met Ray in 1987 when I heard him preach at the Hillsboro Family Camp. Never in my life had I heard that kind of fiery preaching. Preaching that he calls, "heaven-high, hell-deep, world-wide and shotgun barrel straight." Ray is one-of-a-kind. He has always been gracious and encouraging to me. When I was just a rookie preacher he invited me to preach at the Delmarva Family Camp in Delaware (I will be preaching there again this year). He preached several times at the church I served in Virginia. He and his wife Gyneth are wonderful people. They have the love and respect of the Kjergaard family.

Ray is in our area this weekend preaching in a Revival meeting. It was great to hear him again. He's still got it.


David H. Willis said...

Ray is the man! I love Ray & Gyneth too. They've been an inspiration to both of us. I'm planning on going to Delmarva so hopefully I can here you rock.

Soren said...

I went back again tonight and one of my elders joined me. He rocked again.

Gman said...

Man I was glad to be in the Mechanicsville area and hear these guys preach that and hear the Jones brothers (David and Ronnie and getting to know Gary and hearing their DAD sing) was a great thing!