Saturday, March 29, 2008

Listening to a Legend

My family and I had the privilege of hearing Ed Bousman preach tonight at the Church of Christ at Harlan. Nearly 90 years old, he's still got it.

I first heard Ed preach over 20 years ago at the Hillsboro Family Camp. I remember being impressed by his incredible memory. He has memorized the entire New Testament and preaches without notes, quoting lengthy passages of Scripture. Occasionally he would visit the church where I preached. Northampton was planted by Ed's home church in Newport News. It was intimidating to look into the crowd and see Ed! But he has always been kind and gracious to me. It was great to see him again.

(Dave Willis, he did ask about you!)

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David H. Willis said...

Very cool! Ed rocks. He's a one of a kind. I love telling folks that brother Bousman & I are both "Timothys" of of the same church.