Monday, March 24, 2008

More About Sunday

Sunday at The Creek rocked! We had a sonrise service with tradtional music and a sermon/devo, followed by breakfast, then our regular services. We showed this video at the beginning. Then the praise team did a wonderful job leading us in worship. One of the elders did a communion meditation about the baggage that we carry (he brought three pieces of luggage onto the stage and talked about the stuff that’s inside that we needlessly carry around — and encouraged us to leave our baggage at the foot of the cross). A lady sang Nicole C. Mullen’s “Redeemer.” Then the band did a version of “Angus Dei” (with another elder reading from Rev. 5 during the middle of it). It was powerful.

I finshed up my series on “Discovering the Real Jesus” (with this video as the intro). I preached from John 20.

Wrapped up the service with a rockin’ version of “Power in the Blood” (it’s on one of Selah’s albums) and “My Redeemer Lives.”

We were all really pumped up (oh, and we also had near-record attendance). Yay God!

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David H. Willis said...

We had big numbers and everyone seemed to bring their best. It made me wonder why we don't this every Sunday. It sure beats the traditional "I was thinking about....on the way to church" communiuon meditations.