Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rethinking My Bracket

I'm already starting to second-guess my bracket (I still have time to change it). Should I have picked Winthrop to beat Washington State? I picked Clemson to lose, but they are pretty good. And should I have picked IU instead of Arkansas? And I would love to see Michigan State go to the Final Four rather than Memphis, but can the Spartans do it? I don't want to pull a Mike Golic and fill out several different brackets, but I don't want to get beat by my Music Minister who knows nothing about sports.


Joe said...

I've always thought the best way to set up a bracket is based on which mascot can beat the other mascot.

David H. Willis said...

Sounds like a Limbaugh strategy.

KEith Wood said...

You did make some strange picks, but the fun of bracketology is you just never know what is going to happen.

There are always Cinderellas and upstarts, as well as sure fires who fizzle out big time, and it is hard to know how it will all pan out.

Having said all that I think I'm going to change my bracket. I'm starting to have second thoughts about not picking Davidson. After all they almost beat UNC, my pick to win it all.