Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cleaning House at Cedar Creek

We have several interns and high school students doing community service at the building today. So we are using the manpower to clean out closets, back rooms, and the attic. Wow, the collection of “Jesus Junk” in this place is incredible. A huge lace depiction of the Last Supper, an antique lighted picture of Jesus (only his neck glows), choral music from the 60’s, the “latest” evangelism techniques from the early 70’s, several generations of hymnals, and more. Typewriters, slide projectors, filmstrips, and of course, flannelgraph. When coming across this stuff, I have to wonder what was going through the mind of the person who stored it: “Hey, maybe we’ll have a use for this again someday. I’d better put it in the closet just in case.” And yes, I have authorized the pitching of several old Bibles (yellowed paperback copies of NIV’s from the 80’s and several copies of “Good News for Modern Man”) – pray for my soul.


Joe said...

When I was at JBC I worked in the trash room and had to sort through trash and burn anything that we could. There was a huge stack of Bibles in there because none of the guys would put them in the incinerator. I guess they were afraid of the same fate.

David H. Willis said...

Sounds like a great rumor starter: I heard they've gotten of the Bible at the Creek...and Kjergaard is behind it!

David H. Willis said...

Oops! That shoud be "gotten rid of"... Oh well my brain is faster than my fingers.