Thursday, September 25, 2008


I got an iPod a couple of years ago and I love it. I do have lots of music on it, but I have several podcasts on it as well. Mostly sermons and stuff dealing with church leadership. I thought I would share some of my faves:

Regularly Listen
The Relevant Podcast
Internet Monk
Catalyst Podcast
ESPN Daily Podcast
Napkin Scribbles (Len Sweet)

Frequently Listen
Jeff Walling
Rick Atchley
Mark Driscoll
Grammar Girl
Savannah Christian (Cam Huxford)
Rochester Church of Christ (Patrick Mead)
John Piper
Andy Stanley
Brian Houston

Occasionally Listen
Jon Weece
John Ortberg
Rob Bell

Recently someone told me about the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. It's new (only one episode posted so far). If you are a church leader, you MUST listen to that podcast about assumptions. Good stuff.

So who are you listening to these days?


David H. Willis said...

Some dude named Mike Kjergaard at some church called Cedar Creek. The brother rocks. Check him out.

JD said...

*ahem* *cough*

could you get that knife...yeah...right there in my back. :)

And you don't even podcast on iTunes where people can get it!


JD said...

You mentioned GRAMMAR GIRL and not me! woooo! lol

Having some fun...