Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Home Run

Gov. Palin knocked it out of the park last night (momentarily taking my mind off the fact that the Cubs lost their fifth game in a row).


Keith Wood said...

She was awesome! I can't wait to see her and Biden go at it next month. She is one tough cookie. I thought McCain better pick a conservative if he wanted a chance. But a conservative woman. He might prove to have made one of the best and most savvy moves in political history.

Matthew Sullivan said...

It was the best speech at any convention in years. There are people on the other side very scared this moring. I know I just had breakfast with some of them.

Deano said...

Man - you said it! She is one tough cookie... Did you notice how proud her husband looked - quite different than the goofy look Bill kept giving Hillary last week!

And Rudy rocked too!