Friday, March 09, 2007

24 -- Hour Two

I'm fired up about preaching this week.
It's week two of the 24 series: Witness -- Living My Faith
By the way, it’s not true that we’re going to pass out WWJD bracelets – What Would Jack Do? This is all about Jesus.

That’s the church!

I love what Paul Coughlin writes in his book No More Christian Nice Guy, which has as its premise that being a Christian man doesn’t mean that you have to become a spineless, effeminate wimp: “The Gospel includes dirty feet, stinky hair, fish guts, bugs between its teeth, dirt under its nails – its entrenched in life’s day-to-day. Smell the adrenaline, feel your heart pound, taste the locust that lingers on your lips. God is on the loose. Hunting us down. Warring to liberate us from anything and everything that seeks to diminish who he made us to be.”

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