Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Madness

I've got my brackets filled out. Final Four of Florida, Kansas, Texas, and Ohio State, with Ohio State over Florida in the Championship Game.
How 'bout you?


Holy Honky said...

Since I don't like anything nor know anything about Basktell Ball, my plan was to fill out my brackets based on which mascot I thought could beat up the other mascot. But then I realized that would take too long.

Holy Honky said...

i really should use spell check

David H. Willis said...

I'm just sitting this one out. Go UVA! (& Va. Tech & VCU & ODU & Duke & anybody but UNC)

Robert said...

Georgia Tech all the way.

(I can dream...)

Keith Wood said...

You midwest flunkie. I am suprised you didn't go for Michigan St. to take it all.

I guess I am a NC flunkie. Gotta pull for my 'Heels. Sorry Dave.