Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

It has been around for a few years now, but I recently heard about a product called Spray-On-Mud. It's for SUV drivers who have never been off-road. It gives your vehicle a look that says, "Yeah buddy, I'm a real 4x4 person." But it's FAKE!

I heard Chris Seidman preach a message recently in which he said, "We have all had experience with people who have plenty of Christian products in their lives, but not much Christian produce hanging off the tree of their life."

I think that will fit into my 24 series. This week's message is: Witness: Living My Faith.

What's on you? Fake "spray-on" faith or the real deal?


Badger said...

Of course, now you can buy bottled "holy water" so you can just drink it and, voila, you're holy.


Frank Weller said...

I love those thoughts! I spoke with "one of your people" the other day, and he told me the sermon you preached Sunday was the best ever. Atta boy!

David H. Willis said...


It sounds like you are fired up! Preach it brother!

john dobbs said...

It's like spray-on HAIR ... we are the culture that cannot wait, cannot cultivate, cannot invest themselves in anything ... it's sad. It's being satisfied with the illusion. It's being in love with love. Well... anyway...thanks for a post that points out the way our culture loves unenlightenment.