Friday, June 08, 2007

Church Camp

I will leave Sunday to go to Lake James Christian Assembly. There will be several dozen 6th & 7th graders. I’m serving as a teacher and a “dorm dad.” One of the reasons why I love Christian Service Camp is that it had a tremendous influence upon me when I was young. Life-changing decisions are made at Church Camp. It was there that I became convinced of my need to accept Jesus as Savior. It was there that I decided to give my life to the preaching of the Gospel. It was there that I met other Christian young people, developing friendships that continue to this day.

Please pray for us this week.


Frank Weller said...

My son Jonah will be there, too, Mike. Have fun!

Wade :) <> said...

Wow!! I remember when you were my dean. It was the summer before I went into 8th grade I think. :)

I really apprecaite the impact camp had on my life and I'm thankful that you are still making an impact at church camp.

I pray you have a great week!

Chris said...

i miss workin your weeks of camp, haha

take me out to the ballgame...