Monday, June 25, 2007


We're leaving for vacation today. Heading "up north" to Mackinac Island. Tracy and I have been there, but the kids have never been. Later, we'll spend some time with relatives. Next week, we're going to Clinton, Iowa to spend to 4th with family. Will blog if I have internet access.

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Anonymous said...

Kjergaard: You took your computer on vacation. What is it with you kid preachers today. When I was a kid preacher we didn't have fancy schmancy computers to write on. We had to use a ball point pen, A BALL POINT PEN, FOR PETE'S SAKE,and we liked it just fine. Still, a computer on vacation, man I will have to think about that. Don't you have a T.V. in the room.
Man, a computer on vacation, what will they think of next. Tony Sullivan