Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We made it to Mackinac (sometimes spelled Mackinaw, which is how it's pronounced) yesterday afternoon. We walked around Mackinac City, hitting one of our favorite pizza joints for supper. Later, we watched the laser light show (the kids were bored -- what's with kids these days? More and more I find myself saying, "Why when I was your age....blah blah blah" like the Grumpy Old Man from SNL -- "We didn't have fancy schmancy laser shows, we lit matches and waved 'em around, burning our fingers. But we liked it, we liked it just fine.").

We're getting ready to ferry over to the Island. It's a perfect Northern Michigan day.


Patrick A. Mead said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Perhaps we'll run into each other at Mackinac Island. We won't do the whole mountain bike thing, though; too cranky and too lazy! If you see a small, round, nerdy like fellow with a beautiful, regal woman -- that's us!

Michael Waugh said...

Hey Mike, you don't know me, but you spoke at my graduation - thanks.

Save me some Macinac Island fudge, my family is heading to the island in two weeks after a stay in Houghton Lake.

Enjoy your vacation.