Monday, November 05, 2007


Okay, it's starting to feel like Autumn. The weatherman is calling for a few snow flurries. I'm not ready for that yet. Yesterday I finished mowing grass and burning some leaves. It was a glorious weekend.


David H. Willis said...

Burning leaaves? Wow, you must be in the country! I remember burning leaves many years ago (I actually liked the smell) but they outlawed it in these parts. One dude burns up a few acres on accident and spoils it for the rest of us!

inablinkofanI said...

Burning Leaves!!!!!!! You weren't close to that tree were you!!! :) Boy that takes me back, we used to roast marshmallows @ the same time and I think we ate more smoke than marshmallows, but it was a great time of year. We used to burn our garbage to back on the farm and we did not roast marshmallows then!!!!!

Dave VBK said...

My dad remembers burning garbage on the farm. I remember shooting up old cars on that farm!

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