Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Communion

We had a fantastic service today. The focus was on the Lord’s Supper (for the whole hour). We started out with a couple of songs, then the offering (while the offering was being given we showed a video about “suppertime”).

Then I preached and led into Communion time. We had four tables set up (one in each corner of the room). I directed our “hosts” to go to the tables, then instructed the people to go and receive Communion when they were ready. After several minutes, the praise team led a cross medley (When I Survey, Near the Cross, the Old Rugged Cross) then I read several scriptures about the crucifixion and resurrection. That was followed by Amazing Grace (the Chris Tomlin “chains” version) and prayer. Then we sang a few more songs of celebration, and concluded with a rockin' version of My Redeemer Lives. It was very moving. Even the senior saints loved it!
What an awesome time around the Lord's Table.


Frank Weller said...

Very cool, Mike. I went all Emeril on the folks at South. We moved the communion table out into the crowd and I actually made the bread and squeezed the juice right there in front of them. We even set up an oven and had the technical folks project what I was doing on the big screen so folks could see the whole thing. It was really a great service. Thanks for the idea!

John S said...

Great ideas Soren and Frank. Several years ago we had the congregation take the empty cups home with them to remind them of what took place on Sunday. I received great feed back from the folks when we did that.
Thanks for the blog Soren.

Tony Sullivan said...

Mike Frank John This is all good stuff. This is what we need more of. The sharing of ideas that help each other. I appreciate it.
These ideas have help me see different ways to approach a wonderful part of being a Christian-- The Lord's Supper