Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Holidays

THIS is kind of stuff than can really get me going. No, I'm not upset about what Mr. Wildmon is upset about. I'm upset because this is the kind of thing that makes Christians look like a bunch of reactionary idiots. Aren't there more important things in life to be concerned about than whether Kohl's or Old Navy says "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" in their advertising?

Let's think about this for a minute. "Christmas" is one day, December 25. The "Holidays" cover Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and yes (horror of horrors) non-religious and non-Christian holidays. People, it's not even December yet! Let me illustrate -- Mrs. Soren's birthday is July 24. She doesn't get upset because I don't tell her "Happy Birthday" in June. If I did do that, she would probably think I was really weird. I tell her "Happy Birthday" on her birthday! These AFA types need to get a life already. And unless I am mistaken, the purpose of a retail business is to sell its product and make money. It's not the job of Kohl's employees to promote my faith. That's my job!

If the manager of Kohl's approached me and asked me to distribute his sales flyers along with the church bulletin on Sunday, I would refuse (duh!). That's not what the church is about. So why should the church expect Kohl's to promote our Jesus?

I read a great line yesterday (I wish I could remember the source):

"The early Christians turned the world upside-down for Christ. And they did it without:

1. Saying "Merry Christmas."

2. Boycotting businesses that refused to say "Merry Christmas."

It is utter arrogance to think that some executive is sitting in the corporate office asking, "How can we really stick it to those Christians this year?" His job is to sell his product to anybody who will buy it. I'm sorry Mr. Wildmon, in your Christmas stocking you deserve to get a lump of Kohl.


Tony Sullivan said...

Wow, Mike. We are never going to make any progress as long as you hold your feelings in.

Tony Sullivan

JD said...

Awesome Post!

Anonymous said...

I think it is helpful to remember that AFA and similar organizations need to create these issues for fund raising. Too often, Christians get fanned into a frenzy by Dobson, Wildmon and others over issues that don't really matter.

You are right on, Mike.


Chris said...

nailed it!
i'm with you man.

David H. Willis said...

While I basically agree with everything you've written let me whine just a little. My irritation with the whole "Happy Holidays" jive is more cultural than biblical. There is no Christmas in the book, so it doesn't bother me if Christians do or don't celebrate it. I don't even care if they want to celebrate as a secular holiday. So what society does in this regard is not important from a Christian perspective (to me at least). My problem is now we have to give equal time to every "holiday" even made up ones! I'll say more when I get time at WTBW?

inablinkofanI said...

Say, I know some people like that! I remember when I was a kid (watch it, I'm older than dirt)the majority of the people greeted each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It was kind of like telling them you wanted good things to happen for them at the holiday time intermingled with a genuine happy greeting. At least it got people talking to each other and not so focused on themselves. I know what you mean though some people always have to stir the pot and you and Willis are right spiritually speaking it doesn't harm me but it does interfere with trying to evangelize someone who looks and points fingers at what these folks are saying and doing. Bottom line if you're not going to make a positive impact "HOLD YOUR TONGUE" BICYCLE

Gman said...

WOW ... wish I had read this and referenced it to my "I hate Christmas" post earlier ... Great stuff!

Matthew Sullivan said...

Great Great. I totally agree with all of that. I have always said that the War on Christmas is based on faulty information.

Frank Weller said...

Next you'll be going to see The Golden Compass.