Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Running in Virginia

We're leaving tomorrow to head back to our old stompin' grounds in Virginia. I'll be running in the ntelos 8K with some friends. Some other friends will be running in the Richmond Marathon (I was supposed to run with them, but my training fizzled out over the past couple of months). Looking forward to going to church with Beth and Joe Thompson. Will tell you all about it when we return.


Joe said...

by fizzled out do you mean you were lazy and didn't do it or does that mean something else?

Soren said...

No, that’s pretty much what it means.

David H. Willis said...

Run Soren run!!!

I'm sorry you can't join us for some laser tag Sunday. It ought to be fun - a bunch of forty-somethings running around in the dark.

Have fun bro!

David H. Willis said...

It's Saturday morning and it looks like you might be running in some dreary weather. I hope it goes well anyway.